Someone recently called my Facebook page “very Christian.” I appreciate being associated with Christ, especially in the online sphere, which is my primary way of interacting with those who I hope to encourage with my writing. What an honor and a responsibility that is!

But still, I find myself wondering: What does it mean to be “very Christian” on social media?

I’d guess the stereotype is good online Christians post Bible verses. Their content could be rated G or PG. Maybe only a small percentage of a good Christian’s posts are about non-faith-related matters. The list could go on and vary for each person’s opinion.

While I do want to look like a Christian on social media, I also don’t want to stop there.

Plenty of people claim Jesus as Lord but don’t live their lives on a day-to-day basis as if the Bible is true. It’s especially easy to do this online, where we can carefully curate our posts to show the world what we want them to see.

Likewise, a person can look like a Christian even in real life without having a heart that truly honors Jesus as Lord.

Funny thing is, if you get to know a Christian well enough (or sometimes just pass by us at the store), and we won’t look perfect because we’re not.

Even the most genuine, committed followers of Christ fail God, each other, and even themselves. I don’t know who wrote it, but someone correctly said, “Christians are forgiven, not perfect.” That doesn’t mean our failures are excusable. Far from it. We have to repent and ask for forgiveness.

Again and again. Yes, we do believe in sanctification, the process of becoming more and more like Christ the more we walk with him, but we never reach that goal in this lifetime, no matter how close someone may appear to come to that.

When it comes down to it, Christianity isn’t about outward appearances, online or in person. It’s about clinging to Christ as our most valuable treasure. It’s about Him saving us, sinners that we are, and us following Him as our example and Lord.

My prayer is that I would walk the talk that I post, not only in an online or external show, but in the secret places of my life and heart, and that I would be “very Christian” by surrendering all to Jesus as Lord and King.

I’m praying that for you, too.