by Emily Conrad

 A few months ago, I volunteered to be part of the launch team for Come, Lord Jesus, an Advent devotional by Kris Camealy. One of the perks? I did get a free copy to read. But also, I got to spend time thinking about what it really means to wait with and for Jesus.

Full of hope and thoughtful encouragement, I recommend the book to anyone looking to focus on and grow throughout this Christmas season.

On Sunday, to kick off Advent, I’m honored to have guest posted for the Come, Lord Jesus book club going on over on Christina Hubbard’s blog Creative and Free. Here’s a glimpse:


“Couldn’t you stay awake for one hour?”

I would’ve shaken the sleepy disciple’s shoulders until he woke up, but I’m not Jesus. Yet even as our Savior, the ultimate example of patience and love, asks Peter this question, his wording is loud with pain. (See Mark 14:37, NET)

Peter, James, and John were supposed to keep watch as Jesus prayed in the hours leading up to His arrest. Instead, seated in the dark garden, they fall asleep not once or twice, but three times.

The next hours and days will be the worst and greatest of the disciples’ lives. This sleepy band of men will be tempted, they will fail, they will grieve, they will huddle together in locked rooms, they will run to the tomb, they will see the risen Savior.

To prepare, a night of watchful prayer would do them good right about now, but they can’t keep their eyes open. 

As easy as it is to judge them, in Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting, Kris reminds us Jesus has commanded us all to stay awake in no uncertain or abstract terms.


What does waiting with Jesus awake look like in our lives today? Join the discussion by following me over to Waiting Awake on Creative and Free.

What are we really waiting for? Not our own dreams come true, but God’s – via @novelwritergirl