I’ve been thinking a lot about the topic of beauty lately.
I believe beauty is a gift from God that reflects something about him in our world.
But I think our appreciation of beauty crosses a line, especially where people are concerned. How often do we play favorites based on looks, over spend on clothes and makeup, poison friendships with jealousy, or put ourselves down even though all of us are hand crafted by our Creator?
So let’s all take a step back together and re-center on what beauty is supposed to be. Let’s echo Psalm 27 and ask God for the honor of gazing upon the beauty of the Lord. Let’s listen to Peter who says our adorning should be about the person of the heart. Let’s let beauty draw us closer to God but not further from each other or even from our own purpose in life. Let’s stop letting the external outweigh the internal. Your value isn’t there. It’s in the hand of a mighty and beautiful God who died so you could have a relationship him. 
If that’s not beautiful, I don’t know what is.
What verses do you turn to when you need a reminder of what true beauty is?
Your Sister