by Emily Conrad

The nature of publishing gives writers years and years to dream about what will happen “someday.”

Someday, we’ll get THE call.

Someday, these stories will touch lives.

Someday, our books will be on shelves.

In the meantime, there are no adoring crowds. No packed conference rooms hoping to learn from us. Other than comments from critique partners (usually more aimed at improving the writing than praising it) and a couple notes on the blog or some much-appreciated retweets or shares, all is quiet.

In my home, between bursts of thought that result in clicking keys, I hear the clock tick and my old pit bull snoring on the living room rug.

Follow me over to Seriously Write where I’m guest posting about the ways that, despite our dreams of someday, today matters, too.

You may dream about what’ll happen someday, but don’t be fooled: today matters, too! via @novelwritergirl