by Emily Conrad

I’ve had the joy of participating in the launch team for Kris Camealy’s Advent devotional, Come, Lord Jesus. I received a free copy of the book, and though I wasn’t under any obligations, I loved it enough to blog about it! Today, I’m a guest over on her blog, sharing about part of what I took away from her thoughtful, encouraging new book.


Recently, I have been shown a touch of my smallness. I am not the big deal I would choose to be. I am not rich or well-known. Try though I might, I am not at the top of my field. Few have chosen me.

For Day 10 of Come, Lord Jesus, Kris Camealy writes, “…somewhere in our hearts, resides the desire to be chosen by God for something special, something amazing.”

Me and my stripped-down heart gazed at that line with longing because it’s true. I desire to be chosen by God for something special, but I am just so ordinary. My contributions? Ordinary, too.

But Kris writes, “for those who fear Him, His mercy will stand, from generation, to generation (Luke 1:50). In other words, God has already chosen and will continue to choose us, again and again.”

Each of us is chosen. Yet glimpses of significance, whether temporal or eternal, are rare, and I for one start to wonder, Where is this amazingness to which God called me?

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Where is this amazing life God called me to? Discussing @KrisCamealy ‘s new book via @novelwritergirl