Surprise! I’m trying something new. Which might go without saying as I don’t usually post on Fridays.

Over on Twitter, I’ve noticed the hashtag #fmfparty and finally got curious enough (you know, because of all the fabulous writers participating) that I went and checked it out.

Five Minute Friday is a weekly writing challenge/community hosted by Kate Motaung where you write for five minutes on a one-word prompt. You can learn about the details here. You can find the link up for this week here.

This week’s prompt is: surprise.

As I toyed the idea of writing my post, I grabbed my notebook and a pen. I went for it, but because I was writing it out, it’s probably shorter than it could’ve been. The dash is where time ended… mid-thought, of course!

I was surprised when people started to react to my writing.

Up until recently, for the most part, I wrote for myself. I shared it with a few chosen friends, family, and critique partners.

Still, I am by no means famous or successful (monetarily speaking) as a writer. Writing is something I do alone at my computer in the company of two sleeping dogs. I email out contest entries and submissions, I have the occasional short story published. I post to my blog.

And I never see someone click a link, open a document, or pick up an anthology.

Maybe that’s why it floors me when someone says something I wrote spoke to them.

Oh. You’re carrying around a part of my heart in your own.

We don’t know each other. But we do. We so do.

This helps give new focus to my writing. I feel a little less like I’m writing for the wall behind my computer and a little more like I’m writing something I get to share with a wonderful community.

But you know, writing has surprised me in another way recently, too. As I look back on the words my own hands have typed, those words surprise me. And because of that, I’m forced to admit this writing thing is bigger than me and powered by Someone other than me. Better than me.

Given that I can do nothing without Christ and everything with Him, that part–the God part–of writing isn’t really a surprise, now, is it?

This post is linked up with Five Minute Friday on Kate Motaung’s blog.