Short Stories

Escape into Meaningful Romance


31 and Falling

A Valentine’s Romance

More than ten years ago, a disastrous relationship froze Sarah Jordan into a life of shame and consequences. With no interest in another romantic foray, she’s looking forward to Valentine’s Day as a special date night with her son, Peter. Peter’s plans for the night, however, inadvertently force Sarah to face the past, reconsider romance, and question everything she believes about God’s love and willingness to forgive.

Refusing to let heartbreak define him, Luke Carter takes a chance on pursuing Sarah Jordan. She makes it very clear, however, that a man’s attention isn’t going to thaw her opinion of romance. God’s love just might, if only Luke could figure out how to show it to her.

Puppy Love on the Richter Scale

A Summertime Romance

In this sweet summer romance, a hulking Mastiff plays matchmaker for his reluctant owner.