by Emily Conrad

I recently drove 5400 miles across the country with my husband. Spend that much time in the car with another person, and some kind of misunderstanding is bound to happen. Ours was golden, if I do say so myself.

Follow me over to Ruth Buchanan’s blog for a lighthearted post that I hope will bring a smile to your Monday.

As I mentioned in my last post, the blog will be a bit more active this month because ***cue the GREAT BIG DRUMROLL*** Justice is releasing in paperback this week! Also, the ebook is on sale for the month of September on Amazon! Check it out in ebook or paperback.

This milestone seems like a great time to get all sentimental on you, my blog readers. I so appreciate each of you reading along here, taking the time to send your kind responses to Justice, and encouraging and celebrating with me. Your support means more than you know.

Mishearing has never been so fun. A road trip memory from @emilyrconrad about how misunderstanding her husband has made her more grateful for heaven. @ruthette