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The Rhythms of Redemption Romance Series

To Bring You Back by Emily Conrad

Book 1

To Bring You Back

He’s determined to confront the past she’s desperate to forget.

When Adeline Green’s now-famous high school crush descends on her quiet life, a public spotlight threatens to expose her deepest regret. After eight years of trying to bury her mistakes under a life of service, she’s broke financially and spiritually. The last thing she can afford is feelings for the man who took center stage in her past—even if he does claim to know the secret to her redemption.

Gannon Vaughn and his rock band, Awestruck, have conquered the music industry, but he can’t overcome his feelings for Adeline. When he hears she’s struggling, he sets out to turn her life around and win back the love he lost to poor choices eight years ago.

But when Gannon’s fame and their mutual regrets jeopardize their relationship anew, will grace be enough to bring them back to God and each other?

To Bring You Back by Emily Conrad

Book 1.5 (a Novella)

An Awestruck Christmas Medley

Four hundred miles of snow-covered terrain stand between the men of Awestruck and a Christmas with loved ones.

A blizzard grounds flights and obscures highways across the Midwest, stranding the band at their latest tour stop in Chicago. But Gannon made a promise he’s determined to keep—to join Adeline in northern Wisconsin for Christmas.

Philip isn’t quite as eager for the holiday. The tour will end shortly after, and then his kids will have to leave their grandparents to stay with him full-time. He loves his children, but he’s not sure he can pull off a memorable Christmas. Does he have what it takes to be a single dad year-round?

When John caught his girlfriend in a lie earlier in the year, he gave her the benefit of the doubt. He plans to introduce her to his family over Christmas, but before they manage to leave Chicago, he discovers more troubling truths. Was he wrong to trust her?

A Christmas filled with peace, joy, and loved ones? That’ll take a Christmas miracle.

To Bring You Back by Emily Conrad

Book 2

To Belong Together

Fame and money have a way of complicating love.

Drummer John Kennedy can keep a beat, but he can’t hold a conversation, so he relies on actions to show he cares. Unfortunately, when he’s instantly intrigued by a spunky female mechanic, he can’t seem to convey the sincerity of his intentions. And the rejections don’t stop there. His own sister is pushing him away just when he could help her most.

Erin Hirsh’s life would be easier if God hadn’t given her a love for cars. Only her father understood her, and she’s losing him to dementia. Her brief romances have always backfired worse than a mistuned engine, and she refuses to give John the chance to wreck her heart. A rock star with a supermodel ex can’t possibly see anything in her.

At least that’s what she thinks until they find common ground in faith and their worsening family situations leave them each longing for a place to belong. Could God intend for this pair of opposites to belong together?

to begin again book cover

Book 3

Release date: JuLY 11, 2022

To Begin Again

Every dream comes at a price.

Whatever faith Philip Miller had died with his wife. Now, “Amazing Grace” is nothing but a lullaby to sing to his children in her memory. Thanks to Awestruck, he can provide privileged lives for his kids, but with a dark secret threatening his family, he has no intention of finding love again. If only he weren’t so drawn to pop star Michaela Vandehey, who’s in town to collaborate with Awestruck.

The grace they’ve heard so much about might grant them the fresh start they need, but to begin again, they’ll first have to sacrifice what they hold most dear.

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To Believe In You Book Cover

Book 4

Releasing Oct 17, 2022


To Believe In You

Can she trust her heart to a man who can’t trust himself?

Since his dismissal from the rock band Awestruck, former bassist and addict Matt Visser has been transformed by faith and a year of sobriety. If he can just repay his parents for one last major debt from his years of irresponsible living, he can move into the future with a clear conscience. Now if only his latest stunt hadn’t gotten him fired from the family business.

After Lina Abbey’s fiancé gambled away their wedding savings, she moved for a fresh start in Wisconsin. Setting aside her hopes of a family of her own—what man could she ever trust enough to marry?—she busies herself with her jobs managing Awestruck’s social media and directing Key of Hope, a non-profit funded by the band to teach music lessons to kids from low-income families.

She would never hire a man with Matt’s track record as a bass guitar instructor, but Awestruck’s manager, Tim, forces her hand. In need of a job and eager to clear his debts, Matt beings work. Unable to resist a challenge, he soon adds the goal of winning the trust of his beautiful but cautious coworker.

Lina is impressed when Matt resists Tim’s ongoing efforts to reconnect him with Awestruck, but when a new truth about Matt’s past reveals a wrong he can never right, he and Lina both need something more trustworthy than Matt to believe in. Otherwise, history will repeat itself in all the worst ways.

Between the Two of Us novella

Book 0.5

An Email subscriber prequel novella

Between the Two of Us

He hates drama—but it sure seems to love him.

All things being equal—and in Leanne’s opinion, they ought to be—Leanne has no right to harbor secret hopes of a relationship with Asher. Her twin, Eva, expressed interest in him first.

Vowing to take nothing more from her sister than she already has, Leanne devotes her energy to the horses she works with at the Bible camp, but thanks to her newest employee and her own dear sister, she can’t seem to escape Asher.

Food trailer owner Asher has seen too many tears he couldn’t dry. Determined to be part of the solution, he avoids romance and all the heartbreaking drama that goes with it.

At least, that’s the plan until he falls for one of the Warren twins—and not the Warren twin who declared her feelings for him. He’ll have to proceed carefully or he’ll break not one, but two women’s hearts. And, perhaps, his own.

Welcome to Lakeshore, Wisconsin! In this prequel novella to the Rhythms of Redemption Romance series, you’ll meet Asher, the food trailer owner who appears in each of the novels in the series. His lovely assistant, Adeline, is the heroine in the first book in the series, To Bring You Back.

Get acquainted with the town and enjoy a glimpse of Adeline’s life before a certain rock star looks her up and changes everything.