My husband, dogs, and I are still in the midst of our moving adventure, all exhausted, a little shocked, and looking forward to the future when we’ll finish the basic repairs so we can move into the main portion of the house.

The disruption in our normal routines has reminded me how precious and comforting some of my habits are. Walking my dogs, making coffee, settling into the couch with my husband for a favorite show.

They’re all habits. I spend so much time correcting bad habits that when a habit of mine is called into question, I tend to assume the worst of it. It’s a habit. It must be bad. Or at least dispensable. 

I’m tempted to unpack until bedtime instead of giving in to my routine of relaxing for a bit. I skip my usual walk with my dogs because they have been running around their new fenced in yard. I choose to forego my ritual of making coffee and just pick some up on run. 

Coffee, relaxation, and walking are habits that get in the way of my to-do list. They need to be cut.

Or do they?

By skipping these normal beats of my day, I end up longing to go home. Even when I’m at the new house. It’s my routines that help to make my house a home and my life one I enjoy. The habits I’m talking about aren’t bad, and they don’t need to be broken. Instead, they belong to the category of habits that need to be protected because they foster relationships, health, and contentment.

Let’s fight for those habits. Drop the guilt that says you need to jam pack your days with chores and obligations in order to make them count. Refuse to starve out life-feeding routines. Even in the midst of upheaval, find little ways to enjoy the moments and rhythms of your day.

What healthy habit refreshes you when life gets crazy?

Refuse to starve out life-feeding routines – via @novelwritergirl