by Emily Conrad

It’s Christmas week, and the most important things we should be doing right now are seeking, remembering, and celebrating our Savior. Behind that, this is a time to share with our family and friends, and often that means a lot of preparation and events, so I’m not out to burden your schedule or mine.

So, instead of penning a new post this week, I’m taking a quiet moment to remember some of my older Christmas posts and rounding them up for you here. Whenever your downtime finds you–in the car on Christmas or curled up on the couch the day after–I pray one or two of these will bless you.

Lessons for Dreamers from the Wise Men

We have dreams in our hearts that seem like a star placed by God just to draw us out of our comfort zones and toward realized promises. The journey is long and rough. We tire, and we wonder how others who’ve gone before us managed to successfully chase lofty goals. Click to read!

Christmas on a Monday

On that first Christmas, God’s gift to us came with everything good that is out of our reach without Jesus: peace, joy, salvation. God has also given us gifts like family, friends, callings, rest.
But sometimes we think about what we don’t have, what we haven’t been given, and then we look at the gift before us and figure that’s probably not ours, either. Click to read!

Christmas isn’t over yet: 3 ways for Christians to celebrate all year round

Here are three challenges I want to take from Christmas and apply to my life year-round. Care to join me? Click to read!

Choosing the Tree in the Corner

Like the scent sets the tone for the season in the house, I want the experience of shopping for this tree to set the tone for my mindset this season. I want to internalize the truth that I really don’t need the luxurious, expensive best simply because that’s what the world tells me I should want. I want to open my eyes and really see what’s beautiful in this world, though perhaps undervalued by the masses. Click to read!

Looking for Danger, Finding Peace (A guest post on the Fear Warrior Blog)

There have been times in my life when something good happened, but I saw what I’d been looking for: danger. And like the shepherds, I was afraid. But, thankfully, the shepherds’ story doesn’t end with fear. Our stories don’t have to, either. Click here to read the post on the Fear Warrior blog!

Okay, that’s it for me today. May you find peace and joy and come to know Jesus more this season.

Merry Christmas!

“We have #dreams in our hearts that seem like a star placed by God just to draw us out of our comfort zones and toward realized promises.” – from the roundup of #Christmas posts by @emilyrconrad. #faithblogger #encouragement

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