My dog spent a noticeable portion of the last week at our old house anxious. She whined and watched with painfully keen attention as more and more of our belongings preceded us out the door.

Being the caring owner I am, I assured her we weren’t leaving without her and that I had something better lined up for our family. In the midst of all the moving activity, I made it a point to walk my dog past the new house so she could sniff the terrace. I was preparing her and reassuring her as best I could.

I wanted her to sit by the front door, tail wagging, that big pit bull smile on her face, waiting for the signal to join me in the journey to our new home.

Unfortunately, my dog doesn’t understand that much English. She continued to her droning worry whine.

Fast forward. A week after we moved into the new house, we had to go live with my parents until our refinished hardwood floors could cure. You’ll read this on the day we get to move back in. In the meantime, I’m wandering around, a displaced and longing for home. My own home.

As I do, it occurs to me that instead of focusing on the house just three miles from here, an earthly house with yet another major repair scheduled for early this summer, I ought to be longing for the home Jesus described to me.

When I reassured the dog, my promises echoed my Lord, who said he’s going ahead to prepare a place for me that where he is, I may be also. So, though paraphrasing Jesus to my dog didn’t do my dog much good, it did put Truth in the forefront of my mind for when I would need it. As I think over my attempts to help my dog and Jesus’s provision for me, I realize he’s even allowed me to “sniff the terrace” of heaven by giving me his Spirit, his Word, his people.

I’ve done the best I can for my dog. Likewise, Jesus has done his best for me. And his best is infinitely better and more complete than mine.

As I did my best, I wanted my dog to eagerly and happily participate in our move. In response to his best, God wants me to do the same. He wants my heart and soul to echo those who have gone before me, like Paul, who writes,

Yes, we are of good courage, and we would rather be away from the body and at home with the Lord. 2 Corinthians 5:8, ESV

Today, as I wait for my earthly home, I’m making this verse my prayer.

Whether you’re in the middle of a move or not, I hope you will, too. With how many times we’re told to “fear not” in the Bible, God wants us to be of good courage, regardless of our circumstances in any area of life. He wants us to remember that this world is passing away. He wants us to obey him in this life as we eagerly anticipate the next, where we will finally, finally be home.

Lord, I pray that I would be of good courage, regardless of what my earthly situation looks like. Thank you for all the blessings you’ve poured on me, for providing for both my physical and spiritual hunger, for being the One who satisfies me. Help me to put my treasure in my permanent home, in heaven, and to remember how temporary my home here on earth is. Increase my faith to believe your promises about the forever home you have for me.

In the name of looking forward to our eternal home, what’s your favorite promise about heaven?

What paraphrasing Jesus to a dog taught me-via @novelwritergirl
Be of good courage, believer. Your home is secure-via @novelwritergirl