by Emily Conrad

Worry, for me, is like listening to someone chew crunchy food.

I can’t ignore it, as much as I know I should. Both worry and my tablemate’s choice to munch on kettle cooked potato chips seem to be out of my control, something I must endure until the annoyance finally, graciously ends.

In the meantime (like the mature adult I am), I helplessly latch onto the noise until it’s all I think about.

Crunch, crunch, crrrrunch.

However, while I don’t feel God has given me the freedom to rip bags of potato chips from unsuspecting snackers around me, He has given me tools to silence worry.

Tools that I can take with me, wherever I go so I’m always ready when worry strikes.

I’m sharing about one of those tools over on Look Up Sometimes as part of Pearl Allard’s series How to Nourish Your Soul and Be Happy in the Lord.

Read the full post (and peruse those from the other fabulous guest writers!) here.

How to use #Bibleverses to silence #worry via @emilyrconrad! Part of @PearlNAllard’s How to Nourish Your Soul and Be Happy in the Lord series

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