by Emily Conrad

Daylight Savings threw us for a bit of a loop, and resulted in my getting up and out of the house uncharacteristically early on Monday morning. I’m grateful that meant getting to visit the bridge where I set some scenes in Justice, but I’m also a little tired.

Maybe you are, too?

So, let’s keep it simple today.

A verse that appears in Justice (and in a bunch of my blog posts) is Romans 5:5:

And hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us. (NET)

It’s a verse I come back to again and again, year after year, in writing piece after writing piece. When our ultimate hope is in Jesus, no matter what we’re facing and no matter what falls apart on us, hope will not disappoint us. Jesus always comes through for His children in the best possible way.

When our ultimate #hope is in #Jesus, no matter what we’re facing and no matter what falls apart on us, hope will not disappoint us. via @emilyrconrad

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Meanwhile, the Justice blog tour continues. Here’s the latest!

Interview with Emily Conrad on Justice and Heroism

Erendira Ramirez-Ortega took some time to put together some thoughtful questions.

You recently wrote that hope does not rest in how people treat us. That it doesn’t depend on our immediate circumstances. Hardships do not necessarily mean we’re on the wrong path. How have hardship and doubt challenged your writing, and the endeavor to publish your novel?

Hardship and doubt have led me to consider quitting writing altogether. I’ve experienced delays, harsh feedback, recommendations to cut large portions of manuscripts–or shelve it altogether. In the moment, these experiences have often led me to wonder why I’m doing this. If this were God’s will, wouldn’t it be easier? What’s the point? Do I really have a gift, or am I trying to force God’s hand? Wouldn’t my life be better spent on something that’s actually achievable?

These hardships are common to writers, and I’m convinced the doubts are, too.

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 Unmasked: How to Slay Perfectionism and Its Fears

A guest post on Jerusha Agen’s Fear Warrior blog with a giveaway that’s going through 3/18.
Because we’re called to good works and a life of following Jesus, it can be tricky sometimes to sort out which action is prompted by right motives and which is perfectionism rearing it’s overly-made-up head (because perfectionism’s head would never be ugly—that’s the whole point!).

Thankfully, perfectionism has symptoms that can help us recognize it for what it is.

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Author Spotlight: Emily Conrad with a Giveaway

a guest post on A Baker’s Perspective about my bookshelf and a hot chocolate/tea giveaway! 3/12 is the last day to comment for this giveaway.
You might expect me, a writer, to be proud of my bookshelf. You’d be partially right. I do have a stash of books that I’m in love with.

But my bookshelf also has some additions that could spark a few rumors, namely the week-by-week pregnancy guide.

I’ve never been pregnant, and I didn’t want my family getting their hopes up, so I was quick to explain the book’s presence: “I have a pregnant character. Oh, and the baby name books are for naming characters.”

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Justice: Author Interview with Emily Conrad + Giveaway

a video interview with Christina Hubbard of Creative and Free! (Just note that the giveaway has ended.)
Novelist Emily Conrad releases her debut book Justice today. Emily is my poetry buddy and friend, and this interview is the first time we met face to face, sort of…virtually. Justice is fabulous for so many reasons, my favorite ones being: 1. Emily is a master of writing romantic tension and dialogue, 2. She tackles tough topics with grace, 3. This book is set in a quaint small town coffee shop and I could smell the deliciousness the whole time I was reading.

Check out the post here.


Justice by Emily Conrad – A Review

Angela Arndt shares her thoughts on the novel.
Emily Conrad’s debut novel, set in a coffee shop, is a wake-up call. It’s easy to be a Christian when everyone around you follows the same small town norms. But what if someone didn’t? What if someone you loved said she was innocent when all the evidence (and gossip) said she wasn’t? Would it change the way you felt about her? Would it change the way Christ felt about her?
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Justice – Emily Conrad

an excerpt from the first chapter and a review from Clare Revell!
My review:
I signed up for the subscription service that the publisher do and received and advanced copy of this. All I can say is WOW.
Well, the official review I put on Pelican, Goodreads and will do so on Amazon UK once the book is released will be as follows.
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First Line Friday-Justice

a glimpse of Justice from Jessica Baker on A Baker’s Perspective
Read the 1st line of Justice and find out why Jessica wants her daughter to read the book, too! 
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a guest post on Allie Crume’s blog We Are New Romantics
I may have titled my debut novel Justice, but it’s forgiveness that keeps popping up in the notes I’ve received in response to the advance reader copies I sent out.

Among them was Allie’s sweet email, quoting her pastor, who said, “Forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean reconciliation—but it is required for redemption.”

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Though not officially part of the tour, here’s the video of that bridge, which is home to two scenes in the book. The scenes take place in warmer months than when I took the video, but this will give you the idea.

You can see the full list of blog tour stops here.