The Many Oaks Romances

Escape Into Meaningful Romance

Moving small-town romances—with cameos by old friends from the Rhythms of Redemption.

Ten years ago, the town of Many Oaks, Iowa, lost its beloved high school basketball coach in an accident. All this time later, the coach’s widow, daughters, and former players are still trying to make sense of life in a broken world.

From responsible Anson, who’s made it his mission to step into Coach’s shoes, to military vet David, who’s never met a risk he won’t take, each has been shaped by the tragedy in a different way. Despite their differences, they have one thing in common: The lies reinforced by the accident obscure the truth they need to thrive, and only love will bring it back into focus.

To Bring You Back by Emily Conrad

Book .5 (A Novella)

Now or Never

In this later-in-life, love-after-loss romance, will leaving positive legacies mean kissing their own happily-ever-after goodbye?

If Tim Bergeron got a lifetime achievement award for anything, it’d be managing the iconic rock band, Awestruck, but he’d trade his successful career for the opportunity to prevent his daughter from repeating his mistakes.

When a health scare proves time is short, he talks Isabella into a cross-country road trip. His attempts to talk her out of a hasty marriage drive a wedge between them, and it looks like the best he can hope for from the trip is scouting out promising new talent to represent. That is, until he meets Gabby.

Widow Gabrielle Voss has responsibilities to her daughter and patients, deep roots in the community, and a dream that scares her. Though she’d never utter it to the people she lives and works among, the truth slips out with Tim, who’s not in Many Oaks, Iowa, to stay.

As her fiftieth birthday party draws near and an attraction to Tim sparks to life, Gabby realizes she must pursue her dream now—or, more reasonably, never.

This prequel novella to the Many Oaks Romances stars a popular character from the Rhythms of Redemption Romances.

To Bring You Back by Emily Conrad

Book 1

A Surefire Love

Small towns have long memories, and generations of dysfunction burned Blaze’s reputation before her own faults could.

Twenty-six and guardian to her preteen sister, Blaze is determined to give her sister the stability she never had. Her church is a big part of that plan, until a run-in with an uptight youth pastor derails their progress. Blaze goes toe-to-toe with a man who looked down on her back in high school—and volunteers for his team of youth leaders.

A survivor of the wreck that took his high school basketball coach, Anson sacrificed a promising athletic career to pick up Coach Voss’s legacy. Now a youth pastor, his mission to offer students real hope clashes with a leadership board that’s more concerned about numbers.

As his allies turn their backs and Blaze explores the impact of undiagnosed ADHD on the patterns of her life, Blaze and Anson find unexpected support in each other. Perhaps her preconceived ideas about him are as far off base as his are about her and her sister. When scandal ignites around them, will their love prove to be surefire—or crash and burn?

Fans of Nicole Deese and Melissa Tagg will fall in love with this opposites-attract romance about faith, second chances, and sacrificial love.

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Between the Two of Us novella

 To He hates drama—but it sure seems to love him.

Food trailer owner Asher has seen too many tears he couldn’t dry. Determined to be part of the solution, he avoids romance and all the heartbreaking drama that goes with it.

At least, that’s the plan until he falls for one of the Warren twins—and not the Warren twin who declared her feelings for him. He’ll have to proceed carefully or he’ll break not one, but two women’s hearts. And, perhaps, his own.

Get acquainted with Lakeshore, Wisconsin, and enjoy a glimpse of Adeline’s life before a certain rock star looks her up and changes everything in this prequel to the Rhythms of Redemption.