by Emily Conrad

Jealousy slithered into the room as soon as I saw the post on Facebook where someone celebrated a milestone I’d love to experience.

Immediately, truth I’ve heard or read before about scarcity came back to mind.

Do we live as though blessings are scarce or in great abundance?

Often, I choose to believe the lie of scarcity–a lie my own life disproves–opening myself up to the attacks of envy and jealousy.

My younger dog falls for this lie, too. He gets aggressive with our older dog if she gets food he wants. In fact, just this morning, she was drinking from her water bowl when he started barking at her. She ran off, and I studied the scene—why would he be possessive over water?

And then I saw it. We had their next bag of food on the floor near the water bowl. She wasn’t even eating, and he got worried, as though I don’t always make sure he has enough to eat and drink.

Food isn’t scarce around here, but he’ll fight tooth and nail for it.

I put the bag of food in the basement, where neither dog can get close to it, and went on with my day.

And then I saw that Facebook post, announcing someone else had what I wanted.

And it doesn’t even take that to inflate jealousy. Sometimes, it’s simply believing someone else is closer to what I want than I am.

But the thing is, just a week or two ago, I saw someone else celebrating the same milestone. You know what that tells me? It’s not scarce.

And, even if that particular milestone were entirely impossible for me, I’ve been blessed.

Just last week, I got to help my sister move to Colorado. Despite the work that involved, I got to live out that line in my bio about how I love to take road trips to the mountains. I got to stand on a rock at a lake and feel the force of the wind.

Blessings aren’t scarce around here. And even if they were, even if I never get to go to the mountains again or if I’ve enjoyed my last material blessing, God’s love isn’t scarce.

Because of Jesus’s sacrifice, I always have the Bread and Living Water I need. I can always rest assured that He’ll meet my needs.

And often, much, much more. When I stop considering other people’s lives and take a look at my own, I see how the blessings overflow.

So enough with envy and scarcity.

I’m thankful I got to take this trip with my sister. What are you thankful for today?

When I stop considering other people’s lives and take a look at my own, I see how the blessings overflow. via @emilyrconrad #Godslove #blessed #countyourblessings