by Emily Conrad

In the movie The Italian Job, a group of thieves pull off the heist of a lifetime. Then, one of them turns on the team and ends up with all the loot. When the others catch up with him later, they find that he’s been spending the money on exactly all the things they had expressed wanting. He got all the money, but he had no imagination, so he copied the ideas of others instead of buying something he uniquely wanted.

I confess, I’ve done something similar in writing. Actually, I’ve even done it in the area of fitness and, I’m sure, on the level of finances and on and on. In all these different areas, I’ve seen friends’ preferences for this or that kind of accomplishment, and I’ve set those same goals for myself.

My friend runs three miles in half an hour? Oh, yeah, that sounds like a good goal. I’ll go for that.

I’ve created my loose vision for myself based on what I see others doing and striving for, but it’s time to go back to Jesus. Time to ask him what my vision for my writing needs to be—what His vision for my life and each area therein is.

Because when it comes down to it, my friends don’t have to answer for how I used the gifts God has given me. He’s calling me on a journey that is different from anyone else’s, and the way to discover that journey is by spending time with him and in his Word. Prayer is key. We’re invited to ask for wisdom, and he promises to give it when we ask for it in faith.

So, I’m asking. And I’m telling you so you’ll ask, too.

God has something special planned for you that no one else is in a position to accomplish.

No one else has your history, your family, your friends, your hurts, your successes, your faith, or your platform. No one else walks in your shoes.

No one dreams quite like you do, if you’ll only take your eyes off others and put them on God.

No one dreams quite like you do, if you’ll only take your eyes off others and put them on God via @novelwritergirl