by Emily Conrad

This week has been on the rough side as I care for our dog who was attacked on Saturday, so instead of posting much today, I simply wanted to share with you some discoveries I’ve enjoyed lately.

1. Emily P. Freeman’s 7 Days of Still Moments. Each day, she emails a link to an audio Scripture reading and devotion. I’ve enjoyed each one. You can subscribe on her website, here.

2. “First Lesson” and “How to See Deer”, poems by Philip Booth.

3. “The Miracle Is Worth the Mess” by Stephanie Bryant on (in)courage. The title sums it up well, but I enjoyed the application of farm life to the universal struggle of having to confront less-than-pretty (and sometimes downright ugly) situations to get to the “good stuff.” On that note, I also enjoyed an earlier post of Bryant’s, “Fancy’s Feathers”.

I hope these are to you the same kind of encouragement and breath of fresh air they were to me!