by Emily Conrad

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Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of today’s post as I’m sharing the verse that seems to fit Justice‘s hero, Jake, perfectly!

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Author Spotlight: Emily Conrad

an interview with Amanda Wen

Jesus doesn’t shy away from facing the ugliness of life head-on, so I always rejoice when Christian novels are willing to confront it in a similar manner. What inspired you to address the issue of sexual assault in the pages of Justice?

I don’t remember what inspired me to write about sexual assault—I started my first draft of the story that would become Justice seventeen years ago—but that’s really just the inciting incident, and from there, the story goes on to focus on things we all have to deal with: revenge versus forgiveness, people failing us, and conflict in the church. These show up in my fiction because they’re in my life, too. Believers are forgiven, but still flawed, and I think it’s important for fiction to reflect that.

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Book Review: Justice by Emily Conrad

thoughts from Robyn Hook

I became an Emily Conrad fan when I read a pre-published novel inspired by the Biblical story of Joseph. In fact, if you know me in person, you may have heard me praising it and her writing style. Emily has a way of phrasing and crafting characters that makes me want to prop up my feet and become immersed in her world. So when I learned she had an earlier story inspired by Mary and Joseph, I had to get my hands on it!

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Those are the new posts since last Thursday. Going back a little further, in case you missed them, I did 2 other interviews, one in January and one in February.
on Stitches Thru Time 
What is your favorite thing about being an author?

My very favorite thing to do is write stories, and I’m so thrilled to get to spend my time doing that! There are hard parts, of course, but when I wrap up a good day of writing, I have that just-walked-out-of-a-movie-theater feeling.

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An interview (complete with pictures of my dogs in their winter boots) on Heart”Wings”
FYI – there was a giveaway on this post, but that has already ended.
I’m happy to introduce my friend Emily Conrad as she releases her debut novel –Justice! Welcome, Emily! Tell us what inspired Justice?

I started writing Justice about 17 years ago as a teenager, but had trouble ending the story in a satisfying way. About four years ago my then-agent suggested writing a modern twist on a classic story for my next book. Right around that time, I was also invited to hear Liz Curtis Higgs speak, and I read her book, Unveiling Mary Magdalene, which includes a modern retelling of Mary’s story.

Inspired, I noticed the similarities between Jake and Brooklyn’s relationship and a biblical relationship that intrigued me—Mary and Joseph.

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Since Jake is the name of the hero in Justice and one of his main concerns is obtaining justice, these verses seem especially fitting for his character:

The king is strong;
he loves justice.
You ensure that legal decisions will be made fairly;
you promote justice and equity in Jacob.
Praise the Lord our God!
Worship before his footstool!
He is holy!
Psalm 99:4-5, NET

As always, thank you so much for your support as Justice gets ready to launch on Friday! Your interest and encouragement mean more than you know!

Join the conversation! What Bible verse(s) speaks to you in an extra-special way?

Find out more about @emilyrconrad’s debut #Christfic Justice, and the Bible verse that could’ve been written specifically for Justice’s hero. #justicenovel #CR4U