A few weeks ago, I posted about how I felt tired one day, so I opted to back out of a shopping trip in order to stay home. Not long after, a friend who lives nearby needed me to take her to the ER. I wrote about how I felt God had orchestrated my tiredness in order to keep me where he needed me to be for my friend.

Well. He’s done it again.

I wanted to go do something with my sister, so I got ready to go out the door. I pulled my feet into my boots, laced them up and tied them, and gave her a call. But she was already out with our mom, so I sat down at my computer and worked instead of going out. Of course, one of my dogs didn’t want to settle down to let me work, so I put him in his kennel.

Less than an hour later, someone rushed up to my door and asked for my help. That same nearby friend was having a health emergency, though we didn’t know that as completely as we would come to know it later. Still, God knew the gravity of the situation. He made sure I already had my boots on and my younger, somewhat untrustworthy dog contained so I could run out the door.

We ended up calling 911 immediately, a call I’d been primed to make because I’d just written a scene in which something pretty similar happened. If you’re not a writer, maybe it’ll sound weird, but that call didn’t feel like my first call to 911, though I believe it was.

There’s another way God worked in the situation, too. My friend lives alone, but the housekeeper happened to be there when the problems started.

Like last time, I’m reminded that God is constantly working in our lives, even in things like headaches, fatigue, cancelled plans, and misbehaving dogs. God has a plan. He is working in our lives to achieve his purposes, even when the events of our lives seem mundane or disappointing.

We may not see the purpose as quickly as I have recently, but I believe that someday we will. And the reassuring thing is that He does this, not us. We’re told to be prepared in some ways–prepared to answer for our hope, prepared for Christ’s return, prepared to face God–but in other ways, we’re reminded of the futility of our own plans. God’s are the only ones that we can be certain will come to pass.

Since he does have a plan, he knows when and how to cause us to put our boots on at just the right moment. We’re safe in that, and I, for one, find that a relief.