by Emily Conrad

The weekend started with fun: I got to visit a friend who just brought home a new puppy. I brought my camera along and snapped 90 pictures, knowing many would be slightly off but that with those quantities, we were guaranteed some good ones. It was an ideal Friday afternoon.

But on Saturday evening, events took a turn. My husband and I were three blocks from home, walking our two dogs, when a loose dog charged up and bit one of our dogs, wounding her worse than we knew. Adding to the trauma, the emergency vet service we called said we could wait until Monday to have her seen. The next day, Sunday, it became clear this was bad advice, and we drove her half an hour to the closest place that could care for her.

I wish things had been different. That we hadn’t crossed the street within half a block of the house where that dog lives. That the dog had been restrained. That the emergency line had given the right recommendation.

This dog is part of the family. She puts up with posing with flowers and books and Santa hats.

Other than the fact that we live in a sinful world, I don’t understand why she and I and my husband are facing this situation in its compounded complications. But I do know that God is still God. He is still good and he’s promised to work out everything for the good of those who love him.

And though I don’t know the bigger picture, I can see one way in which he prepared us for this: I’ve been lax about cooking anything that requires prep this summer, but on Saturday afternoon, I followed through on making a few dishes I’d been meaning to. So now, though I’m tired from waking up with my dog and don’t particularly want to cook anything, I have a big pot of chili, roasted butternut squash, and some delicious bacon-wrapped dates.

Come to think of it, there are other blessings here, too. We only recently furnished the first-floor living room, where I have now been spending time with my dog who is struggling with the stairs to the bedroom. And though she started getting care later than I would’ve wanted, we had the sense to question the advice before the situation became life-threatening. Also, my background as a call center manager should help me handle the call with the manager of the emergency vet service as we figure out how to resolve the situation that’s resulted from the mishandled call we made on Saturday.

So, this isn’t what I’d choose, but I can see we have been provided for.

Though I didn’t expect I’d be able to deliver a full blog post to you today, both of my dogs are peacefully sleeping right now. I am comforted by the fact that they’re comfortable after hours of listening to the injured dog quietly whine. I, too, feel a sense of peace as I recount the ways God has provided in this.

The key to trusting God in the midst of this trial is to count these blessings.

It’s not intuitive for me, so perhaps that my mind took this turn as I typed this morning is yet another blessing for which to be grateful.

My prayer for you is that even in the midst of undesirable situations, you also would see the ways in which your heavenly Father is providing for you. That you would see with fresh eyes new reasons to praise his name. And, of course, that he would comfort you as you cast your cares on him.

P.S. After writing this post, I took Sadie to an appointment at our local vet and he came up with a plan that should help her heal more quickly than expected, with less stress on her! She’s improving already, and we’re hopeful that the process will be smooth from here on out.

The key to trusting in the midst of trials: count the blessings. Via @novelwritergirl