by Emily Conrad

The first day of spring came this week, and it’s colder outside than I’d like.

Still, I’ve been going out most days, walking my dogs. The strolls have been a nice break, because though it’s cold outside, it’s busy inside.

March of this year is fulled with big events, from my first book launch to my thirty-fifth birthday.

The new phase of writing, especially, has challenged and stretched me.

So as I was sitting here, trying to figure out a blog post, I came up blank and resorted to scrolling all the way through the document I keep of partially-written blog posts that I think I might someday use.

The entry at the very end–which means I put it in there quite a while ago, as I tend to add new material at the start–was a scrap of a poem about spring. Finding it was like unwrapping a gift.

I’d forgotten all about it, and I believe God brought me back to it at just the right time. Sometimes, entering a new season, it’s nice to remember that thawing and growth take time, and that as we undergo the process we’re safe, blanketed by the love and power of Jesus!

Spring in Wisconsin

A labor that reminds
Our hurried souls
Growth takes time
And fits of flurries and sun
Even the tall magnolia
Needs protection from the frost
Blankets to shelter the fragile blooms

Happy Spring!

#Spring, A labor that reminds / Our hurried souls / Growth takes time. #poetry from @emilyrconrad on how to enter a new season


Justice (Emily Conrad) – Review

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Emily Conrad has chosen an emotionally charged premise for her debut novel, and it’s one that cannot help but engage the reader—all the more so for the way in which she handles it. Pregnancy is life-changing no matter how or when it occurs, but Brooklyn’s circumstances take life-changing to a whole new level. Add a bitter and competitive business owner into the picture and you have a situation ripe for character growth and meeting some of the big challenges to living out your Christian faith head-on.
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Justice Book Review

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This book was…phenomenal. Courageous. Romantic. Thought-provoking. Unapologetic. I was immediately hooked. Tough issues are handled with class. It’s so encouraging to see a Christian Fiction book and author (and publisher for that matter)  willing to deal with these issues.  I  am so impressed with this story. It’s one of my favorite reads so far this year. (Ok, it’s only February.) It’s definitely one of the best I have read in a long time.
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