by Emily Conrad

I’m participating in the 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes during the month of October. Head over to this post on Christina Hubbard’s blog Creative and Free for the details on the challenge and to browse the fabulous writers in the link up.

Day 2 Prompt: Paint

At the ACFW conference, one of the instructors asked us what we thought God thought of our writing. I struggle with perfectionism, so the first thing I thought of was more like God acting as a critique partner than as an appreciative father, but the instructor suggested that God is inviting us to write and delighting in what his children create with him. I realized that my tendency to think of God as more of a critic than a father extended beyond my writing. I began to wonder how he not only sees my writing, but also how he sees me.

How would you paint me?
The physical, I know. I see it in the mirror.
But what color do you, my Creator, see in my outlook.
What exact shade is my personality?
You tell me I’m beautiful to you,
But if asked to record what you see in still life,
What scene would you choose
And what expression would be on my face?
Thankfulness, I hope. Or joy. Or peace.
Would a pen be in my hand?
Would it be at sunrise or noon?
Cloudy or sun?
Some clouds, I hope, because
They’re never the same,
And I’d like to see
Which ones you’d choose
as a banner over me.
You answer me,
This whole life is a painting,
Color is too limited*
To illustrate your love for me,
Two dimensions at least one too few.

(The 5 minutes started and ended at the stars with minimal revisions.)

Color is too limited, two dimensions at least one too few – via @novelwritergirl #Write31Days #5MFW