by Emily Conrad

This is a time of year for family, and because we had some come to town on short notice, this week has been busy when I expected it to be slow. I’ve tried to set and keep priorities, but the post I was working on for you for today didn’t come together like I’d hoped.

The perfectionist in me says I need to stay up late getting something new together, but I’ve done a whole series on perfectionism (there’s a link to it in the sidebar–look for “Chosen and Approved”), and so I’m learning to extend myself grace, as I hope you would do for yourself, too.

We can’t always keep up with these expectations we place on ourselves. Sometimes, we have to call it good enough and trust God.

So instead of stressing tonight, I’d like share with you a post from March that:
1) Includes more photography from our trip to Banff (and my favorite-ever blog graphic).
2) Talks about the awesome things God does for His children.

We serve a powerful God who moves mountains of all kinds–physical, emotional, relational. This is a fitting reminder now, because even as we get a fresh new slate marked 2017, we still stand in the shadow of mountains we cannot climb, much less move, on our own.

Thank God, we don’t have to.

Without further ado, here is the post: Hey, It’s Possible (Serving a God Who Does More)

If you have a favorite post of yours or of someone else’s from this year and would like to share it in the comments, I’d love to take a look! Let’s end the year with some mutual encouragement!

Do you know how much you encourage me just by stopping in to read the posts here? Thank you so much for your support, encouragement, and friendship.

I wish you a happy New Year. I wish you peace and joy and rest with Jesus. I wish you an ever-deepening understanding of His love for you.

In Him,
We serve a powerful God who moves mountains of all kinds–physical, emotional, relational-via @emilyrconrad