by Emily Conrad

Fellow Pelican Book Group author Stacey Weeks invited me to read an early copy of her Christmas novella Mistletoe Melody. The story was warm, cozy, and full of traditions, but it also featured some characters facing truly difficult circumstances.

Those circumstances got me thinking: How can we praise God if we seem to have been chosen for a special level a suffering?

This may seem like a bit of a contradiction, that a fairly short and warm novella could lead to such a serious question, but I thought the story pulled it off, subtly asking readers to think while not becoming too heavy.

One reason I enjoy Christian fiction is that it acknowledges hardship and struggle, even as it points us toward the one answer that — or rather, Who — will never disappoint us. I’m over on Stacey’s blog today sharing a little about how Mistletoe Melody did that and where my own Bible study took me from there.

Read the post here. 

If you’d rather skip straight to ordering, you can find Mistletoe Melody available for pre-order from Amazon (here’s a link for US customers!) and other online retailers. As I’m typing this, the pre-order is at a discounted price of 99ยข. I don’t know how long that’ll last, though! Stacey is offering a bonus to those who email her at writerSWeeks@ (remove the space) with proof of placing a pre-order.

Full disclosure, I did receive a copy of Mistletoe Melody free. I’m happy to be writing this post, and all opinions are my own.

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