Have you ever noticed how people often encourage others to chase their dreams like it’ll be the easiest, most freeing thing they could do? Images of eagles and mountaintops flash to mind. As a culture, we envy dream-pursuers, often refusing to acknowledge they are rare for a reason.

We so often see before and after pictures right next to each other. Many of us initially don’t understand there’s a desert between the two. I, for one, set out along a figurative three-day path through the wilderness, never guessing it’d take years to reach the Promised Land. My goal was (and still is) to publish novels, but this applies to more than writers. Everyone has some Promised Land.

With few exceptions, those of us on this path of pursing dreams don’t close in on our dreams in the time we allotted. This is why you can give a group of writers the word “easy” as a prompt and find that most of us—me, included—pair it with “not.” (Yup, that’s right, I’m getting two posts out of one Five Minute Friday prompt. I hope you don’t mind the familiar topic. My family is moving today and tomorrow, and things are a bit crazy so I’m going with what I’ve got!)

From the wilderness of waiting and writing and striving, I have remembered my office days and thought of how perfect they were. I thought of the purpose I had, the clothes I could afford, the trips I took. I blocked out the struggles, and there were many.

I looked back on my personal Egypt with rosy longing.

Have you?

Join me in facing forward, in journeying toward not the Promised Land, but the God who created it. Let’s always remember the “Egypt” He’s led us from. Let’s enjoy a feast of manna and praise God for leading us into the wilderness where we are free to follow Him, invited to know Him, taught to understand that He is God.

They did not thirst when he led them through the deserts; he made water flow for them from the rock; he split the rock and the water gushed out. – Isaiah 48:21, ESV

What are you grateful for in the midst of a period of trail or waiting?

Don’t chase the Promised Land. Chase the God who created it. Via @novelwritergirl