Some of us waited longer than others for snow this year. Wisconsin has a fairly good chance of having a white Christmas most years. We generally see our first accumulation of snow before Christmas, even if that snow happens to melt before the holiday. Not this year.

This year, grass literally grew in December due to highs that occasionally hit the upper fifties. Meanwhile, my cousins in New Mexico, of all places, kept posting picture after picture of snow down by them.

I had to consciously remind myself how nice it was to be able to walk my dogs without all my winter gear on. My legs weren’t going numb with cold. That was great, right?

Still, I wondered what was going on. Would it ever snow in Wisconsin?

As a matter of fact, yes.

As I write this on 12/28 (I work far ahead, don’t I?), we’re experiencing our first snowstorm of the season, and it’s a significant one for my area, expected to leave us with 8-9 inches of new snow.

I posted about it, and of course got a comment back from someone who said they’d moved out of Wisconsin and didn’t miss our winters. This isn’t to say I mind the comment; I totally understand. See, I just realized I’m probably going to be the one to shovel tomorrow…

The snow we long for is fun at first, but the enjoyment wears off rather quickly. All the pretty white stuff gets dingy. It has to be shoved. It means cold temperatures. It blows in your face and has a knack for finding other exposed skin, too.

So many things in life go this way. We long for things, but when they become a reality, we realize all the faults in the blessing. The truth is, there’s often more to the reality than the dreamers like to admit, but those dreams are still worthwhile.

Since I’m a writer, I’ll use that as another example. I’m working and working toward publication, but once I get there, more challenges will await me. The pressure of deadlines (or so I hear) is constant. Reviews can be demoralizing, sales discouraging, marketing daunting.

Another writer, this one published multiple times and on deadlines from her publisher, reminded me this week to enjoy the stage of writing I’m at. I have the time to write without worrying about when things are due. Another bonus: I’m not under contract to write anything specific.

From my side, I hope she’s enjoying the honor that it is to have the dream so many long for. Given her comments, I think she is. But thanks to her reminder, I’m enjoying where I am a little bit more today, too.

I hope you’ll do something similar.

Don’t discredit the blessings you have in your rush to gain those you still long for. Instead of being jealous of those who have what you want, remember that dream comes with its own set of challenges. Once you do achieve your dream, enjoy your long-awaited prize.

In this spirit today, I enjoyed the snowstorm and the fact that I get to stay home and write. I snuggled up with a mug of tea, my computer, and my story. This was the best way I could think of to make the most of where I’m at in life today.
I hope you do the same.