by Emily Conrad

I sometimes wonder what Jesus would say to me if I were to speak with Him in person.

I know that Jesus is alive and well. I know that as believers, we have a relationship with Him. He leads us, and through His Word, we can indeed hear from Him.

And yet, how amazing it would be to hear His voice with my ears, to watch His facial expression, to enter into an actual, spoken conversation where I would have no doubt about which of His words He meant for me, in my specific situation.

Have you ever wondered what He might say to you?

Since I haven’t had the privileged of seeing Jesus face-to-face (yet), I took an interest in one of His interactions with His disciples and found courage and comfort in what He said to them. Something I believe He’d say to modern believers, as well.

Join me over on Jerusha Agen’s Fear Warrior blog to find out what that is!

Conquerors: The Voice That Gives You Victory Over Fear

What Jesus might say to me if we had a face-to-face conversation? This interaction with His disciples might give a clue. @emilyrconrad #fear #encouragement

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