Have you ever thought much about cuttlefish?

Probably not. I had to Google it to find out what they look like. And when I did, I was really surprised. Nope, doesn’t look familiar at all. (Hint: the image at the top of this blog is not a cuttlefish…)

But what was all-too familiar to me was the point Jeanne Takenaka made using a cuttlefish in today’s Chosen and Approved post.

She begins,

He slid into the car, a storm cloud parking itself over his head on an otherwise sunny afternoon. 

“How was your day?” My usual first question.

“Bad.” He crossed his arms. “Really bad.”

Something told me to wait rather than dive into dissect his day with him.

So what was wrong with her son? Well, it involves a cuttlefish. And a case of looking to the wrong places for affirmation.

Follow me over to Jeanne’s blog for a dose of truth about where our value comes from and what to do when our cuttlefish efforts just don’t seem to be getting the attention we thought they deserved.

P.S. This post is part of the Chosen and Approved series with Jeanne Takenaka and Mary Geisen. Check in on Tuesdays through November 8th for the latest installment as we join forces to untangle our identities from people and perfection. You can read all the posts here.

Where to find your value and what to do when your efforts aren’t recognized via @JeanneTakenaka @novelwritergirl