Mirrors never lie. Except when they do.

Mary Geisen’s post for today’s installment of Chosen and Approved is a reminder to check which reflections of ourselves we’ve chosen to believe.

The world is a mirror. Social media is a mirror. The Bible is a mirror.

All of these tell us about ourselves, but trying to figure out who we are — who we really are — judging by the world or social media is like trying to do our makeup in a fun house mirror. Some of what they reflect back to us is true. Some of it is lies.

God has another plan for us, so the Bible gives us a different reflection entirely. I’m reminded of that picture I’ve seen around of a kitten sitting in front of a mirror. And what does the kitten see in its reflection? A lion. Are we imperfect, small? You bet. But in Christ, we are loved, forgiven, and more than conquerors.

Whether we’re looking in the bathroom mirror first thing in the morning or gazing at the reflection the world projects back at us, Mary challenges us all, asking: When you look in the mirror, do you see a reflection of the person God formed in His image and who loves you like no other?

Follow me over to Passage Through Grace for a glimpse at our true reflections.

P.S. Chosen and Approved is a 6-week series hosted by Jeanne Takenaka, Mary Geison, and myself. Stop back Tuesday through November 8th to join us in untangling our identities from people and perfection! To see all the posts we’ve done so far, check out this link.

A reminder to check which reflections of ourselves we’ve chosen to believe via @MaryGeisen @novelwritergirl.