I’d complain that stores have Christmas decorations out before Halloween, but quite frankly, I think Christmas overshadowing Halloween is about the best thing to ever happen to Halloween… So, I’m going to try overshadowing it a bit more by posting about a Christmas-themed opportunity myself. Good news is, unlike the “opportunity” to buy Christmas stuff already at the store, this one’s free!

For the first time, my fiction will appear in print this December! A Christmas short story I wrote is to be included in an anthology of Christmas stories that was complied from a contest hosted by the Virginia chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers.

For a writer, it’s a big deal to finally appear in print, and of course I have high hopes that my story will resonate with lots of readers. But, for the book to get into the hands of readers, people have to be buying the collection, and for people to buy the collection there needs to be a bit of a buzz about it. and for there to be a buzz about it, we need to find a team of advance readers who will read the whole collection and then post reviews on Amazon and other sites. Looong story short, we’re looking for influencers.

So, if you like Christmas stories and Christian fiction, I hope you’ll consider volunteering for this! The publisher would provide you with a free electronic version of the collection so you could read and review 🙂

Thanks for considering this!

Okay, back to your weekend!