It’s week one of Beauty Rewrites! I am so thrilled to join forces with two wonderful and inspiring ladies, Christina of and Ludavia of Our goal for the twelve-week series is to rewrite the so-called “ideal” so we can all embrace our own true beauty! 

Have you ever considered the dictionary’s definition of beauty? I’ve never looked it up. It simply didn’t occur to me the definition of beauty that a million life experiences have taught me might be wrong. Or, at the very least, incomplete.

Thank goodness Ludavia Harvey thought to dig deeper! Don’t miss this chance to examine the actual dictionary definition of beauty and how that definition flies in the face of the one the media would have us believe.

Click here to read this insightful post and tune in next Tuesday for a new installment in the series!

You are more than what media defines as beautiful via @NiftyBetty #beautyrewrites