We’ve heard it a million times: looks can be deceiving. By now, we ought to have it down pat, but looks still manage to fool us. We see a golden tan and we think beach vacation. We see a fancy car and we think high-paying job. We see a pretty woman walk in the room and we think she’s got it all.

Maybe the tan is from a Caribbean vacation, not a tanning bed or spray tanner. Maybe the car is from a great job, not mountains of debt. But no one, not even the most beautiful woman on earth–probably especially not her–has it all.

In this week’s Beauty Rewrites post, Christina Hubbard writes, “She’s the one we love to hate. The pretty girl. The one walking in the room, with that fantastic smile, dazzling all the men and the women. They’re murmuring under their breath. You see the raised eyebrows, gazes askant, because they can’t take their eyes off her form. You catch yourself staring. She is so everything.”

But if we leave her on that pedestal, we’ll be missing a real chance to help someone who desperately needs it. Because even pretty girls need friends. Because sometimes, the pretty girl is the pretty girl because she’s…

Actually, you’ll have to click on over to When the Pretty Girl Walks in the Room on Creative and Free to find out.

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What to do when the pretty girl walks in the room via @creatively_free

No one, not even the pretty girl, has it all together. Beauty Rewrites by @niftybetty @creatively_free @novelwritergirl