Some people seem to be at the top of their game. They’ve got clean houses, cute clothes, great jobs, the works. I don’t know about you, but hanging out with people whose faults I can’t see leaves my self-worth in a nosedive. How do they keep it all together when I struggle in so many areas? If they knew more about me, would they keep inviting me along?

Thankfully, as relationships deepen, everyone’s faults come closer to the surface. Sounds kind of funny to be thankful for faults, yet recognizing everyone’s human, we don’t have to beat ourselves up for having weaknesses among our strengths. As I wrote last week, let’s let those differences make us stronger.

But there’s still that period before we really get to know people when we put them on a pedestal and tuck ourselves away in a little hole. Or sometimes, even once we do know their faults, we think our friends’ strengths are so much better than ours that our self-worth takes hit after hit.

In reading this week’s Beauty Rewrites post by Ludavia Harvey of the blog Nifty Betty, I realized this can also be a huge issue on social media.

Most of us curate our online profiles to reflect the best version of ourselves, but we don’t take that into consideration when we’re looking at others’ pictures and posts. We see all that shining glossiness and we just know our lives could never be that good. We have numerical proof to back it up: we don’t get as many likes on our own pics.

This is trouble, friends.

Ludavia writes: “Automatically, we are basing self-worth on pictures, appearances, highlight reels of our lives. But, that is not real life. What about those moments in between? Those moments where we have to find strength to power through difficult moments and look at our unfiltered self in the mirror and embrace our natural beauty?”

How can we find more strength to power through, to look lovingly on ourselves, to be confident in our real self and not just in a perfectly curated one? Follow me over to Nifty Betty to read 4 easy steps to discover your self-worth.

PS- This post is part of the 12-week series Beauty Rewrites featuring Christina Hubbard, Ludavia Harvey, and myself. Join us on Tuesdays as we dig in to what it means to be truly beautiful. For all the Beauty Rewrites posts, click here!

How to discover your #selfworth-via @niftybetty
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