Bad moods are like anchors. They sink, get stuck in the muck, and worse, they can keep a whole boatload of people stranded because one person’s lack of joy can pull down others’ moods, too.

It’s much easier to fall into a funk than it is to jump for joy. But, of course, we’d all prefer to feel joy because it’s obviously a bright emotion. Also, as Ludavia Harvey points out in this week’s Beauty Rewrites post, “being joyful is beautiful.”

She explains, “When you’re in a foul mood, what happens to your face? How about your demeanor? The questions seem silly. You know what happens: you frown, you scrunch your eyebrows together, you slouch, you cross your arms.”

These are not the hallmarks of beauty, and the attitudes that go along with bad moods are not attractive on any of us.

With how contagious bad moods are, what’s a girl to do?  How can we lift the bad mood from the muck and sail along in beautiful joy?

Navigate with me over to Ludavia’s blog Nifty Betty for some practical suggestions.

Being joyful is beautiful. Try these 5 steps to build joy in your life today via @niftybetty
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