by Emily Conrad

Travel enriches our own life’s story, but that’s not the only reason I love to take a trip. Seeing the world changes and informs the stories we tell as writers.

For example, the hotel where a major traumatic event in Justice occurred was based on a real life hotel I’ve been to twice. I didn’t name the hotel–or even the city–in Justice because nothing bad happened to me there. Though I don’t think I really have that much sway with hotel guests, I wouldn’t want to cast any shadow over a perfectly nice hotel!

But the hotel isn’t the only travel experience that influenced the story that plays out on the pages of Justice.

My sister lived and worked in China for a few years, and toward the end of her time there, I made it over for a visit, not realizing the impact the trip would have on me.

The night I arrived in Beijing, rain washed the smog from the air, resulting in blue skies for the rest of my visit—a rarity according to my sister. Still, air quality was an issue as evidenced by the people who went about their business in face masks.

I’m sharing about how this impacted Justice over on Pam Thibodeaux’s blog today. Join us!

Travel not only enriches our life’s story, but also informs the stories we tell. Find out how a trip to China deepened the characterization in @emilyrconrad’s #christianfiction debut #Justicenovel.


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Justice Review, Author Guest Post, and Giveaway!

on Rachel Scott McDaniel’s blog 
Achingly-tender from the first chapter, this story captured my heart in a tangible way, stamping my memory with brilliant strokes of grace.
The giveaway winner will be announced 3/21/18.
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Erendira Ramirez-Ortega took some time to put together some thoughtful questions.

You recently wrote that hope does not rest in how people treat us. That it doesn’t depend on our immediate circumstances. Hardships do not necessarily mean we’re on the wrong path. How have hardship and doubt challenged your writing, and the endeavor to publish your novel?

Hardship and doubt have led me to consider quitting writing altogether. I’ve experienced delays, harsh feedback, recommendations to cut large portions of manuscripts–or shelve it altogether. In the moment, these experiences have often led me to wonder why I’m doing this. If this were God’s will, wouldn’t it be easier? What’s the point? Do I really have a gift, or am I trying to force God’s hand? Wouldn’t my life be better spent on something that’s actually achievable?

These hardships are common to writers, and I’m convinced the doubts are, too.

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