by Emily Conrad

My schedule is unusually full, my thoughts unusually scattered, drawn away from writing in strange ways. Or, perhaps, in normal ways that seem strange to me because distraction doesn’t usually come quite this way to me, with a strong urge to find blank space.

But I find this stress opens the door to gratitude this Thanksgiving. As I look for relief, I recognize my need to pause, and the pressures becomes a launch pad for a few moments of recognizing I’ve been given much.

Thanksgiving dinner conversation moves too fast for this kind of reflection–at least in my family. Also, over Thanksgiving dinner, we tend toward the phrase, “I’m thankful for…” speaking to each other instead of directing our gratitude straight toward the One two whom it is due.

Sharing this way is good, I know. But now, before I prepare the meal or sit with others, I seek a few moments that are more than busyness. I want to prepare my heart, find words for blessings, dig a little deeper than I can over turkey and three different kinds of potatoes and cranberry sauce.
I long to talk with God instead of about Him, because in talking with God, I find renewal and true connection.

Whether this post finds you before or after your Thanksgiving celebrations, I hope you, also, find a moment to aim your thoughts toward God. In fact, I hope you find those moments sprinkled even over the busiest times, during the feasts and bustle the holiday season brings.


Lord, thank You for the busy times because when I am overwhelmed, I am hungrier for connection with You.

Thank You for using hard times to deepen my relationships when we make the brave choice of sharing our pain.

Thank You that even when I experience pain, You are faithful.

Thank You for Jesus, in whom all Your promises receive their Yes.

Thank You for hard conversations, because they are prompted by honesty.

Thank You there is still and every day of my life there will always be more of You to know.

Thank You for books that crack open healing truths I hadn’t noticed I was living without.

Thank You for the comforts of cuddly dogs, warm sweaters, hot tea, sunshine.

Thank You for the crafts winter inspires me to start, knitting and crochet, and for the women who taught me these skills.

Thank You for plants that grow toward sunshine like the jade on the porch, and for those that bloom in dark months, the Christmas cactus and the poinsettia. May my heart follow their lead.


As you give thanks to God this Thanksgiving, may you experience His peace and joy. May you also find a few quiet moments to express your gratitude to Him, and in the process, may you come to know Him and His goodness like never before.

Before I prepare the meal or sit with others this #Thanksgiving, I seek a few moments that are more than busyness to express #gratitude to the One who’s given me everything. via @emilyrconrad

Photo credits
Table with gourd photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash
Turkey photo by Gabriel Garcia Marengo on Unsplash
Woman with coffee photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash