By Emily Conrad

This post is part of the 31 Days of 5 Minute Free Writes challenge. Though I don’t plan to do all 31 days, I did want to jump in at the start, so the below was written with the group’s prompt and in 5 minutes. Check out this awesome community of writers! You’ll find the link up and what the challenge is all about here.

I’ll also use this post as a landing page for my future posts for this challenge. As the month progresses, I’ll add the links here. Links will go live no sooner than 7 PM the night before.

Day 2 Paint
Day 3 Wardrobe
Day 4 Brew 
Day 5 Silence 
Day 6 You
Days 7, 8, 9 Test, Muddle, Post-It
Days 10 and 12 Unknown Skies 
Day 13 Aware 
Day 19 Notice 
Day 21 Parked on the loveseat
Day 22 Off (by myself with You) 
Day 27 When Poetry Leaves
Day 28 Eat 

Day 1 Prompt: Walk

When I walk through the valleys, Jesus walks with me.

When I walk down the hillside and down from the mountaintops, I’m not alone.

The fact that I do head downhill sometimes doesn’t surprise or alarm him. My tired feet don’t delay his plans. They are part of the plan, I think. When I rest and invite Jesus into the seat beside mine, he talks with me in ways I didn’t hear along the trail. As I pant after living water, he calms me into realizing I’d tried to push the pace of our walk into a sprint.

My hound does this, constantly fighting against the halter-style collar we fitted him with specifically because of his pulling. If he’d just slow down and walk with me, we’d both have a more enjoyable time of it.

Jesus asks that of me. When I pull to get ahead of him, he holds the line steady. When I tire because of my efforts, maybe it’s him who invites me to a seat, rather than the other way around. While I rest with him, he retrains my thoughts, and when we start off again together, my steps match a little closer to his.


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When I walk down the hillside and down from the mountaintops, I’m not alone. via @novelwritergirl