I didn’t make a New Year’s resolution, so I can’t break one, but I do have an ongoing commitment to taking care of myself because, well, I’m stuck with myself for the rest of my life, and I’d prefer that be a loooong time.

But, as a writer, it’s easy to sit home and drink coffee all day without moving much. Also, it’s easy to let my life revolve around my job, which is also my favorite hobby.

This is no way to live! Yet, some advice for being healthy is so intimidating that I lose the motivation to even try. Gym memberships, fancy diets, and more seem out of my reach.

Let’s dial it back and not make taking care of ourselves rocket science. Here are some simple things I’m doing to live healthier and happier:

Move a little more – I walk my dogs every day, weather permitting, and I’ve let that pass as my workout for months now. But as a healthy 32-year-old, a walk really isn’t enough, especially since my job is writing. Not much movement there. I was beginning to feel it. So, I unrolled my yoga mat and did some Pilates yesterday. I felt better all day, and the slight soreness I feel today reminds me that I used muscles that will be stronger the next time I need them. That’s a good feeling.

Relax – I did a post about this earlier this month, but it’s worth repeating. In today’s world, it’s possible to carry your work with you everywhere you go in the form of laptops and smartphones. Don’t do it! We deserve time off and our bosses will thank us for it because that time will allow us to come back to work refreshed.

Drink water – So simple, but something I put off and tend to forget. This girl loves her coffee, but water leaves me feeling so much better. Plus, drinking the right amount of water helps promote weight loss by stopping your body from retaining water, by helping you feel good so you’ll move more, and by filling your tummy calorie-free when it’s not time to eat yet.

What other simple tips do you have for taking care of yourself?