Escape into meaningful romance

To Bring You Back by Emily Conrad

By Emily Conrad

To Bring You Back

He’s determined to confront the past she’s desperate to forget.

When Adeline Green’s now-famous high school crush descends on her quiet life, a public spotlight threatens to expose her deepest regret. After eight years of trying to bury her mistakes under a life of service, she’s broke financially and spiritually. The last thing she can afford is feelings for the man who took center stage in her past—even if he does claim to know the secret to her redemption.

Gannon Vaughn and his rock band, Awestruck, have conquered the music industry, but he can’t overcome his feelings for Adeline. When he hears she’s struggling, he sets out to turn her life around and win back the love he lost to poor choices eight years ago.

But when Gannon’s fame and their mutual regrets jeopardize their relationship anew, will grace be enough to bring them back to God and each other?

Do you read fiction for escape?

I’ve been doing that more and more.

But to stand out as one of my favorites, a novel usually has to go deeper too.

The stories that remind me of truth—often of truth I didn’t realize I needed to hear again until the words take me by surprise—and prepare me to reenter the real world are the ones that I push on my friends and recommend far and wide.

It’s my prayer that my own work strikes that balance between restful escape and life-giving truth. And that together, we would all foster faith that flourishes even if and no matter what.


Emily explores feelings which transcend culture and time and move straight to the heart.

– Robyn Hook

An Awestruck Christmas Medley

the Rhythms of Redemption Romance series, 1.5, A novella

This novella is available for sale in ebook or paperback. Subscribers currently can download the ebook as a gift.

Four hundred miles of snow-covered terrain separate the men of Awestruck from a Christmas with loved ones.

A blizzard grounds flights and obscures highways across the Midwest, stranding the band at their latest tour stop in Chicago. But Gannon made a promise he’s determined to keep—to join Adeline in northern Wisconsin for Christmas. 

Philip isn’t quite as eager for the holiday. The tour will end shortly after, and then his kids will have to leave their grandparents to stay with him full-time. He loves his children, but he’s not sure he can pull off a memorable Christmas. Does he have what it takes to be a single dad year-round?

 When John caught his girlfriend in a lie earlier in the year, he gave her the benefit of the doubt. He plans to introduce her to his family over Christmas, but before they manage to leave Chicago, he discovers more troubling truths. Was he wrong to trust her?

 A Christmas filled with peace, joy, and loved ones? That’ll take a Christmas miracle.